The other side…

If one thing in life is constant, that is the ‘Flow of Time’, and it always has its mark in every sphere of our life. The moment we were born till the time we age, it’s an emotional roller-coaster that we encounter relentlessly. There are vignettes of life that take us in the past and make us poignant – the picture above precisely does that.

A brother is giving the joy-ride to his youngest sibling, nonchalantly. Free of fear, free of burden. After looking at them, I was so delirious that I had to take the snap. We’re so much in hustle with our daily life that we forget the simplest things in life. There is so much to life, and every day it seems we are wasting it. Sometimes, we should take a step back and be unpretentious. It’s the other side of life, like the boy with his sibling, that we should live and cherish.

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