What are your three must-haves while travelling?

No matter what type of a traveller you are, it is always recommended to travel light. It helps from backpackers (hopping one place to another) to shopaholics (enough space for new purchases) so that their priorities are indulged. When you become a recurrent traveller, over the time you realize that some items you could not do without carrying. It is like they are your instantaneous choice. I have three must-haves on my list. What are yours?

First on the list is my watch. I typically carry a Casio G-shock wristwatch. Once I am travelling, I need to keep track of the local time, and nothing beats it than a classic timepiece. Also, it comes with an alarm, which is quite handy while you are on the move. It is waterproof, as most of the watches nowadays. But it is robust in its built, made with resin/rubber, so it is long-lasting and difficult to deface.

The second item that I do not forget is my Smartphone. I know it is customary for everybody. Although some people are against it, considering it as a mode of distraction, I feel it is a brilliant tool to enhance your experience. The two most used features of mine are – google maps and camera. Google map is my best buddy when I am exploring somewhere unknown. Let it be finding a nearby restaurant or my place to stay; it guides me like a local. Also, I’m a photographer by hobby, not a professional one though. As I am moving around places, I love to take quick snaps, and my Smartphone is the go-to-gadget.

The third and last item would be my pair of sneakers. Oh! What would I do without them? You must be at your comfortable self while travelling. What can be essential than your pair of shoes? Mostly, we do not have the luxury to carry multiple pairs. Whichever you’re wearing on day one, might end-up with you till the end (unless you buy a new pair). So, I must select the right pair of shoes so that I feel light and relaxed on my feet. Generally, I wear a Nike or Adidas sneaker on my travel.

We all have ways to travel. Mention your top three things on the list.

Source: Pictures used are for reference and from internet.

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