Life in Monochrome #KohSamui

I am not an avid photographer nor a professional one. When I am in a mood for photography, my smartphone is the go-to-gadget. But I do not complain. During the Fall of 2018, my wife and I visited Koh Samui, the second largest island in Thailand located in the east coast of Kra Isthmus. It was our leisure trip, you know, the sort of a trip where you just come to lay down and relax by the beach. In the whole journey, the my smartphone camera was not functioning correctly, whereas I was getting in the mood for photography. But where there is a will, there is a way. I switched my camera into the monochrome mode, and those were the best snaps that I took in any of my travels.

Approaching to Koh Samui, View from the Ferry

I must say, Koh Samui is one of the prettiest islands around. Even though it is not as big as Phuket, Koh Samui certainly has the glamour to be one of the melting pots for travellers. Those who like beaches but also prefers to stay in tranquility, it is the perfect setting. We stayed at the Chaweng beach, the most happening beach on the island. When I am near a beach, I always prefer to stay in a 3/4-star accommodation as those resorts come with their private beaches, bars and other facilities. We stayed in The Fair House Beach Resort & Hotels. It was massive and located in the uphills. So, we had to walk down from the hill to reach the beach-side. Although it was a long walk, we did not mind. The vastness of the ocean, with the quality of food and services, elevated our overall experience.

Like any other places in Thailand, Koh Samui also has some popular street markets which come alive at night. Fisherman Village Market is a notable one where you can find hundreds of street vendors selling their products like food, jewellery, merchandises, artefacts etc. The place is bustling and noisy. The best part of this market is that it leads you to the beach. As we approached the beach, we found a bunch of restaurants and bars full of a vibrant crowd. The couches were arranged on the beach where you can lay down, have a drink and see the sky full of stars. We found an empty seat and grabbed it by the teeth. It was a wonderful evening!

Although Koh Samui offers fantastic beaches, nearby there are other islands where you can go for hopping. Koh Phangan, the very next island after Samui, is the hottest destination for the party-goers and backpackers. This boisterous place is known for the full-moon party which is tied to the lunar calendar. As we were staying in Koh Samui, we took a day-long island hopping to Koh Tao and Koh Nguyen, other islands on the same belt crossing Koh Phangan. These two islands were even more remote and organically preserved. The islands are connected with a white sand beach which is a sight to behold.


1 – If you’re travelling to Thailand and looking for great beach experiences with quietude, Koh Samui-Koh Phangan-Koh Nguyen can be an idle belt to explore.

2 – Koh Samui has an airport, and it’s one of the finest island airports you will come across. So, it’s better to take a flight to the island from Bangkok. But, book tickets early as prices tend to hike during holiday season. If you’re a budget traveler, you can also take ferry to the island.

3 – Don’t forget to explore local markets when you’re on the island. They have some of the best street foods around. You can bargain at the shops if you are looking to buy merchandises. However, better to be careful on the quality of the items.

4 – Koh Samui is a big island – so, if you’ve an international driving license, best way to stroll the island is by renting a motor bike. If not, better to stay at the main beach points from where everything is at walking distance.

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