Nothing else matters #metallica #brussels

If you are a metal fan, this piece of writing is for you. Yes, by the title itself you may have goosebumps. Metallica is the band dominating the heavy metal genre for a long time. Even though I do not follow heavy metal that much, Metallica is an exception. I have been lucky to witness them playing in of the most iconic cities in Europe- Brussels. And the experience was electrifying!

King Baudouin Stadium

Metallica is the reason why we travelled to Europe in the first place. I followed the news that they are touring Europe. Having the dream of seeing them performing live suddenly came into realization one night. Yes, I can do it! Instantaneously I got into my phone and purchased the concert ticket for two on the same night. Everything happened so quickly that it took me some time to sink in. Initially, my wife was mad, but what to lose, we are going to Europe, and she was happy. It happened in January, and the concert was in June. Somehow deep down inside, I felt ecstatic on my sudden decision. Although we are always running with our life, sometimes it is essential to hold back and surprise yourself.

Performing “Nothing else matters”

We took a tram to get in the area near the stadium. As it was raining that day, we were a bit fearful about the possibility of the concert getting cancelled. But when we entered the stadium, it was like another planet. All fears washed away with the raindrops. When you are among fifty thousand crazy metal fans, the adrenaline rush is bound to kick in. We could manage a place in the middle so that we can have a perfect view of the performance. And it was rocking!

For detailed tracklist and show notes, please visit:

Tips: When I plan to visit any place, I always try to book an event there. It is a great way to get to know about the people and culture of the city.

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