busking in the sunshine #port vell

Port Vell, Barcelona, A waterfront harbor in Catalonia with luxury yachts & boats. It’s just opposite to the La Rambla street with lots of popular sea food restaurants and shops.

Port Vell, Barcelona

The city of Barcelona never fails to amaze you with its shiny weather and cosmopolitan vibrancy cultured in its core. We stayed in Barcelona for three days, and it didn’t take us long to figure out the city’s unique nature compared to other European cities. We stayed in La Rambla, the most happening street in the town. You can find a shuttle bus every 15 mins at the airport bus stop. So, we took one and got-off on the Placa De Catalunya stoppage. Hotel Condal, the place where we were staying, was just 10 mins walking distance from there. One suggestion, always keep your location and google map open. It will never disappoint you while travelling. If you take a straight walk through the La Rambla street, in the end, you’ll reach to Port Vell. It is Barcelona’s biggest port. It incorporates a swing bridge, to allow ships to enter and exit the harbour. It is now a focal point of the city and tourist attraction, containing the Maremàgnum consisting of a mall containing shops, a multiplex cinema, bars and restaurants.

Real Madrid Official Merchandise Store in La Rambla

If you are not a football fan, probably you will not get the magnitude of the above picture. It’s not just a Real Madrid official store, but it is a store standing tall on the soil of its fearsome rival. I was also surprised to see the shop standing so proudly amidst its envious nemesis. But of course, we are talking about the most successful club in Spain. Lucky for me, my second favorite team after Manchester United is Real Madrid. So, instantaneously I found myself inside the store and ended up purchasing a few merchandises. The store manager was a pretty lady. She was boasting that Real Madrid is such a big club with a vast history behind them. They have won so many titles and so on. But she was even more arrogant while telling me that there is no official Barcelona store in Madrid. That’s the power of the club. Well, I believed her, put on a smile and left the store with a bag full of customized merchandises.

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