Bicycle by the canal #Amasterdam

Amsterdam is a cute little city surrounded by the canals located in its city center. A city full of young tourists & students riding bi-cycles everywhere!

Canals connected with bridges with parked bi-cycles

Me & my wife took a 4 hrs bus ride (via Flixbus) to come to Amsterdam from Brussels. We came here for a day trip, so we had more or less 6 hours in hand to explore the city of Amsterdam. We were deported on Solterjdik bus station which is far away from the city center. But we were never in rush, as we knew anywhere in Europe there is always a way to reach to the city center and the best & fastest way is by metro/train.

From the Solterjdik bus station a train station is connected. We saw the map, fixed our destination which is Amsterdam Central station, bought the train ticket from the vending machine & got on the train. One suggestion to anyone planning to visit Europe is always carry a small cash (if you have credit card, that’s great). You might have to pay to these vending machines to buy tickets now-and-then. After 30 mins, we reached to the Amsterdam central station & we were thundered by the first view of Amsterdam. It was full of life with tourists who were mostly young. There are small canals flowing beside the road. Small boats and cruises are floating by the canal. Actually, the whole canal is distributed in a hexagon shape covering Amsterdam central. You can see it best on Google maps. Lots of branded stores & cafes are surrounding the roads beside the canals.

Everyone on the street is riding bi-cycle. There is a big parking lot, & guess what, it’s for the bi-cycle and the biggest one I’ve ever seen. There were also bi-cycle rental shops from where you can rent cycle for hours or even days. Me & my wife was looking for a tandem style bi-cycle (2 seated). But unluckily we didn’t get any. So, we roam around the canals (it’s a big area to cover), had meal in a café, sat in the park, visited Rijksmuseum & met a common friend living there.

Amsterdam was a breath of fresh air, completely different from other parts of Europe.

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